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Elise Gow

Australian Flash Cards

Australian Flash Cards

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Learning the alphabet is so much fun and even more so when you have cute Australian characters to help you. Have a wonderful experience whilst educating your child with this Aussie inspired Flash card set.

This set includes:

  • A6 Set of Cards includes 28 individual, full colour printed cards with matte laminate and in full colour box.
  • Made from 400gsm artboard + matt laminate
  • From M for Meat Pie to D for Dingo, from U for Uluru to Y for Yabby, this educational set will make learning fun for both you and your child.  
  • Sit with your child and flip through the cards as a set, reading the letters and words out loud together. Spread the cards out on the floor and chat about all the Australian illustrations and what they each mean.
  • Take them out and about with you. The handy box of cards will fit easily into any bag and keep little minds busy.
  • Display the set by hanging them on string or stick them to your wall using blu-tack or similar which won’t damage your cards or your wall. 
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