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Kind Kids

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrushes

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Kind on kids’ teeth.

Kind Kids Toothbrushes are specifically designed for little mouths. Their short ergonomic handle makes it easy for your kids to grip, while the small rounded head helps them reach right to the back of their mouths. Our toothbrushes also have soft bristles that won’t damage the fragile enamel on your children’s teeth and a smooth handle that moves around their lips and gums with ease.

Kind to the planet.

It’s equally important to us that our toothbrushes don’t harm the planet. So, we’ve gone to extreme lengths to source renewable materials. The handles of our entire range of toothbrushes are made from naturally biodegradable bamboo. Not just any bamboo, it’s sourced from renewable bamboo farms – that use Moso bamboo – the super-fast growing species. This basically means that the bamboo grows and regenerates quickly, making very little impact on our planet.

The soft bristles are made from nylon, which is the only vegan-friendly option currently on the market

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